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Frog Bikes are easier to pedal due to a unique crank design from the renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame).  The new design reduces the space between the pedals, allowing children to push more directly down when cycling, so converting more of their energy into motion.  Only Frog applies this level of rigor to the design of kids’ bikes.

This 20-inch kids’ Hybrid Bike is the ideal multi-purpose, geared bike for 5 or 6-year-olds with an average inside leg of 52cm. The handlebars can be lowered or raised within a range of 54mm and adjusting the seat height is easy to do at home with the quick release system. This means a Frog Bike will grow with your child making it a great investment.

Made in the UK at the Frog Factory in South Wales, this Hybrid Bike is perfect for roads, pavements, towpaths and forest trails. They come with mudguards and the option to attach a pannier rack to the frame for transporting school books and sports equipment.

Frog Bikes inspire children to ride! From the lightweight child-specific frame that is easy and fun to ride to brakes designed for little hands to grab, this all results in a confident bike rider who will jump at every opportunity to get out on their bike exploring.

Wheel Size: 20″ inch

Why buy a Frog 52?

  • Lightweight but sturdy frame making the bike easy to maneuver for your child
  • Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake levers. Better control means improved confidence for young riders
  • FrogFitTechnology® youth-specific 8-speed gear shifters with short lever travel makes changing gear and undulating rides a breeze
  • Patented Frog cranks maintain a low Q-Factor (the distance between the pedals) for easier pedaling. A reduced distance between the pedals allows for maximum leverage on the pedals increasing efficiency
  • Quick-release seat post for easy height adjustment as they grow
  • Free 5 year warranty on frame and forks
  • Reflectors, mudguard and bell included

A first pedal bike is an excellent first bike for a child. These bikes are great confidence boosters and can be used as a balance bike for taller children by removing the pedals.

This great value all-aluminum bike has very lightweight high quality frame and forks. Suitable for riders aged 5-6 years old with a minimum inside leg of 52cm.

Can be used with the Frog kickstand.


– Lightweight but sturdy frame
– Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake lever
– Patented Frog cranks for easier pedaling
– Quick release seat post for easy height adjustment
– Two sets of tires: hybrid and off-road
– Free 5 year warranty on frame and forks
– Reflectors, mudguard and bell included

Bike Weight – 8.54 kg/ 18.83 lbs

Inside Leg – 52cm (20.4in)

Approx. Age – 5-6yrs.

Color - Red