Brompton MM X-Roller Eazy Wheel Extender v.3 for C-Line and A-Line

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For Brompton C-Line and A-Line bikes. For P-Line and T-Line, see here.

This listing is for only one X-roller extender rod. Eazy wheels are NOT INCLUDED

Material: Durable aluminum alloy 7075 CNC machined. Special anodizing surface processing on rod for smooth operation and durable lifespan.
Supports: Original Brompton Eazy Wheels and most 3rd party manufacturers, such as Joseph Kuosac.

Weight: 75g

  • Adjustable width to compensate for Brompton's frame manufacturing tolerance.
  • Easy to install.
  • All hard anodizing Black or Silver color.
  • 13% lighter than previous version.

Easier and smoother to push, remains same size after fold. Quick and easy to collapse the extender when unfolded. This new version can fit any frame width on the original two ends that attach Eazy Wheels, as long as the ends not bent or broken.

Note the following: Do not load weight over 30kg or 66 lbs when extended, this will cause deformation or breakage of axis (For frame protection. X-Roller will bend first before Brompton frame ends break.) Do not extend the rod during transportation mode (eg. air travel) Do not drop your bike with Eazy Wheels extended; this will cause deformation or breakage of axis