Frog 40 First Pedal

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In stock and ready to ship! FREE SHIPPING! The First Pedal Frog 40 is a great value bike for 3 to 4 year olds with an average inside leg of 40cm. One of the biggest temptations is to buy a bike your child will 'grow into'. However, this is likely to have the opposite effect and put your child off bikes and cycling altogether! The data obtained during our child-specific frame design research has been used to produce a helpful sizing app. Ask in your local store about our FrogFit app to get the best-sized bike for your child. Another common mistake is to purchase a budget bike but these models are often as heavy as the child and leads to frustration at not being able to cycle. Our lightweight bikes are a great confidence booster and can also be used as a balance bike for a taller child by removing the pedals.

Wheel Size: 14" inch

Why buy a Frog 40? - Lightweight but sturdy frame, making the bike easy to maneuver for your child and easy for you to carry - Tektro brakes with small, easy to reach brake levers. Better control means improved confidence for young riders - Patented Frog cranks for easier pedaling reduces the distance between the pedals increasing efficiency and comfort - Free 5 year warranty on frame and forks - Reflectors, mudguard and bell included Bike Weight - 6.46 kg / 14.24 lbs Inside Leg - 40cm (15.74in) Approx. Age - 3-4yrs. Choose color - Pink or Electric Blue Don't forget a spare tube!