Brompton C-Line BARBOUR 2022 Special Edition Mid-HB

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Barbour was made for getting outdoors and this Special Edition Brompton bike is too! Spec’d for adventure with a 6-gear set-up for the city and beyond.

This Special Edition includes:

Levers, clips and a custom-made Lezyne pump that shine in Silver. A polished brass bell, designed for the Brompton handlebar, that rings with a crisp tone. An All-Weather Brooks C17 Cambium saddle. Schwalbe Almotion multi-surface tires. Bags made by Barbour that fit perfectly on the bike. A custom "Amble Sands" gloss paint finish.

The Barbour is a Mid-handlebar with standard 6-speed; choose a Telescopic or Standard seatpost. 

Frame:  Steel Brompton main frame, front frame, fork, rear frame, handlebar support and pin​, "Amble Sands" gloss powder coat ​
Wheelset​:  Brompton front wheel​, Brompton 6 speed rear wheel​, Brompton Schwalbe Marathon Almotion ADDIX transparent-skin​
Drivetrain​:  Brompton 2 and 3 speed shifters​, Brompton sprockets – 13 and 16 tooth, ​Brompton chain​, Brompton chain pusher​, Brompton chainset – 50 Tooth, ​Brompton bottom bracket​
Weight (Approx.):  27.4 lbs
Details:  Brooks C17 Cambium All-Weather saddle – Silt Grey, ​Brompton pentaclip​, Brompton telescopic seatpost​, Gold decals, ​Brompton pump – Silver​, Barbour serial plate​
Luggage​:  Barbour X Brompton wax Holdall in Olive ​and a Barbour X Brompton zip pouch in Tartan​ print
Lighting:  Front and rear reflectors