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The Best Bike Gear For Summer Adventures

Summer is officially here. It’s the perfect time to plan vacations, day trips, outings, and excursions with your bike. Whether you’re going on a weeks-long expedition or just taking a day to explore your own city, your experience can be enhanced by bringing your bike along. Bikes are faster than walking yet slower than a… Keep reading →

Brompton Bicycle: How A Brompton Is Made

Ever wonder how a Brompton is built? A behind-the-scenes look into the London factory shows us the people and processes that go into each hand-built bike.

4 Essential Tips For Traveling With Your Folding Bike

As Summer rapidly approaches, our minds begin to wander with thoughts of vacations and road trips. We love the fact that folding bikes are so portable. When you start riding, you’ll find that you want to take your bike everywhere, even on trips and vacations. Many of our customers travel with their bikes in cars,… Keep reading →

How To Improve Your Cycling Skills At The Gym

So you’re a serious cyclist looking to take your pedaling power to the next level. Hitting the gym is a great way to supplement your rides, improve your strength, and raise your endurance in the saddle. Weight training especially can help you build and maintain lean muscle, which means you will perform better on your… Keep reading →

Brompton Takes On The Big Apple: Meet The New York City Edition

Portapedal Bike In Valley Guide Winter 2017