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Brooks of England At PortaPedal Bike!

We’ve been stocking these fine leather Brooks Saddles and Bags since we opened! We have the largest selection in Arizona! All of us at PortaPedal Bike ride Brooks saddles! We firmly believe in this product! We have an amazing inventory – stop by and check it out!  

Bromptons- Made for the “Smart” car!

You all have probably seen the SMART cars  rolling around the streets  of your City. In Europe  they even back sideways into parallel parking spots! We had a customer come in and easily load 2 of her new Bromptons  in the back with lots of room to spare! Check it out!  

Carradice Bags made for Bromptons!

Two of our wonderful customers Phil and Lauren stopped by and purchased a Carradice Original City Folder  bag  for Lauren’s Brompton!  Looks pretty Snazzy!!   We have such great customers because we sell only the finest!

Moulton TSR fits in a Suitcase!

For all of you that want the performance of a Moulton but were not sure how to travel with it- Check this out!  We easily packed a stock Seperable  Moulton TSR into a Samsonite F’Lite Case. (We also sell the trailer attachment if you want to pull it behind  your Moulton!)  

Brompton VS Surly Pugsly

For all of you that wonder if a Brompton is a “small” bike, check out this comparison one of our customers did comparing his mega huge Surly Pugsly  with his new Brompton he just bought from us!  Both bikes  are setup identically  Note  the wheel base on the Brompton looks a little longer!