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Tern Airporter Mini Suitcase

Product Description

The AirPorter Mini allows you to travel with your 20″ Tern folding bike on a plane with a little disassembly. It’s airline legal and looks just like a standard suitcase. Telescoping handle, inline skate wheels and optimal weight distribution allows for very easy rolling.

Features: Made of rugged nylon, the AirPorter Mini offers a semi-hard case protection;  telescopic handle and smooth-rolling inline skate wheels;  TSA-approved combination lock

Includes: padded chainring protector, wheel separators and tube protectors

Fits most Tern 20” bikes with some disassembly

Weight:  15.9 lb, Dimensions:  11.4” × 22.4” × 28”

Shipping fee:  $35

Tern Airporter Mini Suitcase