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Moulton TSR Alfine 11 Bright Red w/Shimano Dynamo Lighting

This bike will be thoroughly checked, professionally tuned, and carefully repacked before shipping to you!

Product Description

TSR Alfine 11 in Bright Red is a separable frame bike perfect for compact stowage and ease of travel.

This unique Moulton TSR is equipped with Shimano’s high end 11 speed internally geared hub. This hub provides a huge 409% gear range which on this set-up results in 24 to 100 gear inches, low to high, a range large enough to handle steep hills as well as fast fitness rides. Just a great overall gear range! This bike is equipped with TSR rear and front pannier racks. By adding a TSR Large Rear Tour Bag and Carradice Universal Front Panniers, this bike would become an excellent no-maintenance tourer or commuter. The Alfine 11 hub shifts extremely smooth and you can shift two gears at a time in either direction. One advantage to an internally geared hub over a standard derailleur system is that it can be shifted while at a stop, great for shifting down to a lower start-up gear while waiting for the green light.

The Moulton is perhaps the best riding bike on the road today, no matter what size the wheels, smooth and responsive. This is due, in large part, to the frame’s double suspension system. The Moulton’s tunable suspension allows the advantage of strong, rigid wheels in combination with high pressure/low rolling resistance tires, while still providing a more comfortable ride than a conventional bike. The suspension also maintains and improves traction on rough surfaces.

Small wheels don’t ride slower. In fact, they accelerate and turn much quicker than their large diameter brethren which makes these bikes just plain exhilarating to ride.

Spec highlights: Shimano Alfine 45t crank-set, Shimano Alfine trigger shifter, Alfine 11 speed I.G.H. with 18t cog, Shimano R780 brake levers and Avid R737 caliper brakes, and Shimano Alfine chain tensioner.

Wheels made up of SUN CR18, 36 hole, 20″ 406mm double-walled aluminum alloy rims laced with 14g stainless steel spokes, 36 per wheel and Schwalbe Marathon Plus 1.35 tires. Front hub is Shimano Alfine dynamo hub. Headlight is Supernova E3 Pro 2 and tail light is Supernova E3 Tail Light 2.

Bike comes complete with FSA Metropolis 31.8 swept-back handlebars, ergonomic grips, UNO adjustable handlebar stem, Moulton carbon seat post, Brooks Cambium Black saddle, and MKS FD-7 folding pedals Black.

Shipping fee – $150

Moulton TSR Alfine 11 Bright Red w/Shimano Dynamo Lighting
$3,795 $3,575