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Carradice Bagman2 QR Sport

Product Description

Introducing the new quick release version of the successful Bagman. Designed and manufactured by Edbro Innovations exclusively for Carradice. The saddlebag carrier with built-in 21st century Style and Practical Technology.Ideal for fitting small saddlebags to saddles without loops.

Comes complete with Bagman adapter. Recommended for use with the Super C Audax, Barley, Junior, Pendle, Lowsaddle, Longflap and CarraDry saddlebags. All alloy construction Support struts give extra strength and rigidity. Main frame welded to clamp (will not work loose). Fits most saddles but not compatible with sprung saddles.

Maximum load 10kg; eliminates bag swing.

Carradice Bagman2 QR Sport
$90 $81