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Burley Cargo Trailer

Product Description

The utilitarian choice for pulling larger loads. Haul up to 100 lb. easily with a balance point designed to reduce torque on the bike and a hitch that is ideally positioned to provide superior tracking and stability. Open front and back makes it easy to haul long loads. Includes tow arm and hitch for bicycle use. Quickly disassembles and is compact for transport and storage!

Features: 16” spoked alloy wheels with push button release; quickly disassembles and is compact for transport and storage; forged aluminum hitch.

Capacity: 100 lb

Weight: 14.5 lb

Interior:  Height: 7″, Width 20″

Size Open: 33″ x 30.9″ x 16.1″

Size Folded: 33″ x 23″ x 4.2″





Burley Cargo Trailer
$229 $200