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Brompton O Bag

Product Description

Made exclusively for Brompton by Ortlieb!

When Brompton teamed up with Ortlieb, the respected waterproof luggage company, the O-Bag was born. Available in pink and black, this is a serious all-weather bag for the all-weather commuter.

A commuter bike requires durable luggage that can handle any weather conditions, with a quality that matches that of the bike itself. Teaming up with acclaimed baggage designer Ortlieb, Brompton developed this waterproof bag to handle any riding condition.

This bag has a carrying strap and two detachable nylon pouches. You can even attach the strap to these pouches and carry your valuables around in a much smaller compartment as an alternative!

Shipping fee: $18.95

Capacity: 5.3 gallons (20 litres)
Dimensions: 19.7″ (50.0 cm) x 11.8″ (30.0 cm) x 5.9″ (15.0 cm)

Brompton O Bag
$299 $240