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The Best Bike Gear For Summer Adventures

Summer is officially here. It’s the perfect time to plan vacations, day trips, outings, and excursions with your bike. Whether you’re going on a weeks-long expedition or just taking a day to explore your own city, your experience can be enhanced by bringing your bike along. Bikes are faster than walking yet slower than a car so you won’t miss any sights. It’s also important to consider the proper bike luggage to take with you for different occasions. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bike gear for summer, and there’s a little something for everyone from world travelers to weekend warriors.


1. Brompton Tote Bag

Usage: in the city

Perfect For: shopping, farmer’s markets, art festivals

Stylish, of course, and oh so practical! This is the perfect bag for those quick trips to the grocery or farmers market. The bag clips on and off the front carrier block easily, and thanks to this being on the main frame, the steering remains smooth and stable.


2. Arkel Tailrider

Usage: trails/extended bike trips

Perfect For: rugged day trips, overnight camping

The TailRider is fully insulated, has a huge opening, many internal pockets and a divider to keep the contents from shifting around. Waterproof zippers keep the rain out, but for longer rides the TailRider has an integrated rain cover. A built-in expansion bellow expands for more carrying capacity when needed.


3. Brooks Hoxton Basket

Usage: in the city

Perfect For: recreational riding, picnics in the park, shopping

For classic British style paired with Brooks high quality. This wire basket is made of a metal structure, wooden base, and a leather grip. For use on modern bikes, this basket is equipped with a KlickFix handlebar adapter.


4. Tern Drygoods Bag

Usage: in the city/trails/extended bike trips

Perfect For: shopping, rugged day trips, overnight camping

The Dry Goods Bag is built for comfortable all-weather commuting. With KLICKfix mounts, it clips effortlessly on any rear Tern rack, and because all the mounting hardware is tucked away under the bag, it’s a pleasure to carry when you’re off the bike too.


5. Brompton Saddle Pouch

Usage: in the city

Perfect For: places to pack light – movies, concerts, museums

The perfect size bag to hold your keys, phone, snack, and an inner tube. The Saddle Pouch securely attaches to the back of your saddle with a Velcro closure – no need to remove the pouch when you fold your Brompton – you can leave it in place and it won’t interfere with the fold.


6. Arkel Drypack

Usage: in the city/trails/extended bike trips

Perfect For: exploring a new city, commuting, day trips

The Drypack is a fully waterproof roll-top cycling backpack with the added benefit of being compatible with Arkel’s Randonneur Rack. Use it as a backpack or slide it on the Randonneur Rack for a cool ride on your next commute. The large main compartment that opens up completely for easy access.


7. Brooks Millbrook Holdall

Usage: rugged day trips/trails/extended bike trips

Perfect For: overnight camping, bike touring, rugged day trips

Its design is intended for use on the handlebar, though it is also quite suitable for duty as a saddlebag.  Items such as cameras, maps, small tools, and snacks are conveniently held before the rider, enabling easy access while on a day trip or a tour.


8. Tern Ridepocket

Usage: in the city/trails

Perfect For: places to pack light, carry trail essentials

The RidePocket is a compact handlepost bag built to hold everything you keep in your pockets: wallet, cellphone, and keys. Since it’s intuitively organized, your essentials are right where you need them. The RidePocket includes two zip pockets, an outer mesh pocket, and a weatherproof rain cover. The RidePocket mounts securely, but comes off easily, so you can bring it in with you when you lock your bike outside.