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How To Install Ergon Grips On Your Brompton In 6 Simple Steps

About 9 out of 10 of our Brompton buyers opt for the Ergon GP1 grips – in Black or BioKork – on their new bike. (It’s no secret that the stock foam Brompton grips leave a lot to be desired when it comes to comfort.) As a perk, we custom-cut the grips and install them for our customers here in the shop if they purchase them along with their bike. If the customer choses to buy the grips later on, we ship them pre-cut, but obviously the purchaser needs to put them on themselves. It’s a fairly simple process, and we’ve put together this technical guide to teach even the most amateur bike mechanic how to remove the old grips and install the new Ergon grips on their Brompton.

NOTE: Steps 1 – 3 are intended for pre-2017 Bromptons. If your Brompton is 2017 or later, please skip steps 1 – 3 and instead do the following:

  • Unscrew the bolt from the Brompton foam grips using 2.5mm Allen wrench (bolt located on the collar of the grip.) Wiggle grips off to remove.


Step 1. With a box cutter, cut the existing foam grips horizontally and all the way around, along both sides and end. Peel back each half of the grip and remove.





Step 2. Carefully scrape off the remaining glue from the bare handlebar with your box cutter. (If necessary, dig out any glue that happens to be inside the end of the handlebar.)



Step 3. Sand down the area where the grips were until the area is fairly smooth. We like to use a foam sanding block for this process.



Step 4. To install the Ergon grips, start by loosening the end bolt and then pushing and twisting the grip into place. (Use water as a lubricant if needed.) Make sure the end of the grip aligns with the end of the handlebar. In some cases, it is necessary to loosen the brake lever attachment to accommodate the length of the Ergon grip.




Step 5. Adjust the tilt of the Ergon grips to be parallel to the ground. Retighten the grip bolt to 5 Nm (or Newton metre, a unit of torque) for the standard Ergon GP1’s, and 7 Nm for the Ergon GP3 with the bar ends.



Step 6. Install the the Ergon end caps using a rubber mallet in necessary. And don’t forget to retighten your brake lever attachment if you had to loosen it!




And you’re ready to ride!



Even if you don’t purchase the Ergon grips with your bike but decide you want them later on, this guide can help you to install them just like we would here in the shop. These grips are almost a necessary accessory for your Brompton. The comfort they provide on a bike ride have yet to be matched, and choosing them is a no-brainer!