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Get Ultra Luxe With The Brompton Nickel Edition


A vivid reflective finish, complemented with all black components – meet the Nickel Edition Brompton.


Nickel Plating

The highly polished electrolysis nickel plating creates exceptional anti-corrosion resistance, normally reserved for mining equipment. Minor variations to the finish appear on each bike, ensuring that the final look is incredibly unique.


Options Available

The Nickel Edition will be available to order in models S, M and H Types, 2 and 6 speed gear options directly from our website or store. Start shopping our selection of Nickel Editions by clicking here. This edition is made in small batches, which are released throughout the year.

The bike is available in all steel with black extremities or as a Superlight option with titanium fork and rear frame.


Go premium with Nickel Superlight

This stunning bike is the most premium in Brompton’s range with a beautiful Nickel finish on the main frame and handlebar support, while the extremities are titanium. Light, stylish and sure to grab attention, the Nickel Superlight is the ultimate Brompton for the modern man or woman.


Go premium and shop our selection of Brompton Nickel Editions.


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