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5 Reasons To Go Electric

The latest and greatest trend in the world of cycling is electric bikes. These battery-powered machines are popping up in shops all over the world, and riders can’t get enough. Today, e-bikes are more popular than ever. As a $64.9 million category, e-bike sales have nearly tripled over the last 36 months (source: the NPD Group). So what makes these bikes so desirable? If you’ve been considering going electric, here’s a few reasons to join the e-bike revolution.



1. It’s Better For The Environment –

Save gas and reduce your carbon footprint by going just as fast as a car. Replace your vehicle with an e-bike for those quick trips to the grocery store, convenience store, or pharmacy. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve done your part to reduce emissions with clean, renewable energy.


2. You’ll Want To Ride More –

Your e-bike will be much more practical than just a dust collector taking up space in your garage. If you’re traveling long distances, an e-bike could make the journey easier. Similarly, if you’re not as young or fit as you used to be, or your local area has a lot of steep hills, e-bikes make cycling feel less daunting.



3. Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals –

With an e-bike, you’ll be able to cover more distance for longer periods of time, resulting in more calories burned. Most e-bikes are pedal assist, which means you’ll still be doing some of the work, but it won’t feel as much like a chore.


4. E-bikes Are More Fun To Ride –

Want to feel like you have superpowers? Try riding an e-bike. You’ll feel invincible when climbing hills or riding against a strong wind. As with riding any bike feelings of freedom, exploration, and joy will be inevitable… although they only seem to be amplified by the battery power!


5. A Smarter Way To Commute –

There are lots of benefits to commuting to work by bike, and an e-bike has a few more advantages. You’ll travel faster than the cars stuck in traffic and arrive at your destination stress-free. With the pedal assist, you’ll also show up less sweaty and needing little time to freshen up. And you’ll never have to fight for a spot in the parking lot!


Electric bikes can solve a variety of problems for many different types of cyclists. If you think an e-bike is right for you, check out our selection online. Or stop by the shop and take a test ride!