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5 Celebs Who Love Brompton

There is definitely a cult-like following when it comes to Brompton bicycles. Whenever fellow Bromptoneers pass each other on the street, there’s always a knowing wink or head bob that’s traded, like saying, “yeah, this guy gets it.” And there’s also something special that happens when two worlds collide, like when you see a big-time celebrity riding a Brompton. Here at PortaPedal Bike, our inner bike geeks come out whenever we see a new picture of a Brompton with a celeb atop it’s saddle. We feel like we have a special connection with these famous people that only other Brompton lovers can understand. Here’s a few of our favorite celeb Brompton sightings:













1. Owen Wilson














Owen Wilson is an actor best known for his comedic performances. He’s starred in such funny movies as Wedding Crashers and Zoolander, and was the voice of Lightning McQueen in Disney’s Cars. Wilson was recently spotted on his Brommie riding through the streets of Rome while he and actor Ben Stiller were filming the movie Zoolander 2!


2. Hugh Jackman














As an action star, Jackman is probably best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise. This Australian native has also starred in Van Helsing, Les Miserables, and The Prestige. This picture of Jackman sporting a green and purple Brompton was taken in 2012 when he was in London promoting his movie Real Steel.


3. Prince Harry














A member of the royal British family, Prince Harry of Wales is the younger brother of Prince William Duke of Cambridge. When you’re an English prince, all eyes are on you whenever you’re out and about. Last year, Prince Harry used a Brompton to ride between venues at the Invictus Games, an international sports event supporting “wounded warriors”.


4. Prince William














Prince William Duke of  Cambridge is older brother to Prince Harry. Not to be outdone by his younger sibling, Prince William recently took a Brompton Black Edition for a spin at the GREAT Festival in Shanghai. The GREAT Festivals are celebrations of the UK’s creativity in business, and a place to start new business between global enterprises.


5. Al Roker














As a TV personality, Al Roker is known for being the weather forecaster on NBC’s Today Show. He’s also an advocate of health and weight loss. Roker is pictured commuting to work on his Brompton in New York City, the perfect setting for an urban bike commuter and also a great outlet for exercise. He even has a T Bag for all his stuff!


Celebrities are regular people just like us! They use their Bromptons to commute to work, while on vacation, or just to get from place to place. Maybe they can use their star status to spread the Brompton love!