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4 Super Tern Bikes That Will Bring Out The “Hero” In You.

What if superheroes rode bikes? Sure, some of them can fly, grapple hook, or move at supersonic speeds to get around. But they could still ride a bike for the sheer enjoyment of it if they wanted to. We’re so excited about our current stock of new 2015 Tern bicycles that we began to wonder which bike would represent what superhero. We’ve compiled a list of the best Marvel and D.C. heroes and picked out a Tern for each of them.


Tern Verge S27H – The Hulk


Perfect for The Hulk because this bike is bike is strong, rugged, and built to go far comfortably over varying terrain. The extra fat tires on this bike make it possible to ride over pavement, gravel, or anything else you come across. This bike was built to endure anything (even the weight of The Hulk), with the ability to carry all of the necessary gear for a daily commute or a cross-country excursion. This Tern is a great durable all-round mile-eater that doesn’t restrict your adventure!


Tern Eclipse P18L – Batman


Tern’s nickname for this bike is the Night Rider. So of course the Dark Knight would choose this bike. The P18L is the perfect all-rounder with a versatile 24” wheel platform. And just like Batman, it’s got all the gadgets and upgraded components you’ll love including fenders, a dynamo front hub, and adjustable handlebar stem. This bike is an excellent compromise between compact folders and standard large-wheeled bikes.


Tern Verge X18 – The Flash


This Tern was built for speed, a true road bike experience that we know The Flash would love. Super lightweight at only 22.9 pounds, the X18 will keep up with – or even overtake – any full-size road bike. The features include a stiff, light aluminum hydro-formed frame and fork, and ultra strong 20″ custom Aero wheels. You’ll feel as fast as The Flash when you’re riding this bike, and still have the convenience of a compact fold.


Tern Eclipse Uno – Silver Surfer


This bike, set up as an elegantly simple single-speed, is perfect for cruising around the city or urban environment. Just as the Silver Surfer coasts around space on his special silver surfboard, you too can sit back and just enjoy the ride on this uncomplicated bike. Also, the 24” wheels make riding this bike feel very much like riding a full-size bike, yet it is still able to fold up compactly.


This new batch of 2015 Tern bikes would befit any comic book hero, and you’ll feel like you’ve got super powers yourself when you take one of these bikes for a ride. Wether you want to speed like The Flash, cruise like the Silver Surfer, or smash like The Hulk, deciding which bike is right for you is the fun part; there is a Tern to fit every personality and lifestyle.