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10 Minute Maintenance Guide: Keep Your Bike In Great Shape Fast!

Part of being a responsible bike owner is knowing how to keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently. To ensure every ride is a safe ride, we recommend performing this 10 minute maintenance routine each time before getting in the saddle. No need to feel intimidated: this checklist starts with the basics that anyone can execute.

Please note: if you ride regularly, bring your bike in for twice-yearly tune-ups to ensure that complex components such as spokes, bearing surfaces, derailleurs and cables are inspected and serviced regularly. These bike parts should always be serviced and adjusted by experienced mechanics.

Tools You Will Need:

  • allen wrench or multitool
  • bike lube
  • degreaser
  • rags, old toothbrushes
  • air pump


Check the sidewall of your tires for recommended air pressure
Air up before each ride
Check the tread of each tire for embedded debris that could cause a flat
Secure and tighten all quick release parts and bolts
Be sure to pack your pump and patch kit to take with you



Squeeze the front and rear brake levers to make sure they are engaging properly
Check that the brakes are grabbing and that the pads touch the rims, not the tires
Adjust your brakes if necessary



Look over your chain and gears. If any of it is dry, add some bike lube
Use wet lube or dry lube depending on current conditions (ex. if it is raining, use wet lube)
If your chain is dirty or grimy, clean with a rag and earth-friendly degreaser; then re-lube