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Brompton Bike Updates For 2017

Brompton has unveiled a selection of exciting bike updates which are now available as standard on new bike purchases. In these updates, they have focused on the controls of the bike, reviewing the entire cockpit set up as a group including handlebar, grips, brake levers, gear shifters and bell. The improvements have put ergonomic design at… Keep reading →

Moulton SST Build: A Photo Journal

To most of us, who throughout our cycling lives have always purchased complete bikes, the process of building up a bike remains a mystery. The mechanics of the bike as we know it are relatively simple and highly efficient. The basics have  not changed much over the years. Though bicycle manufacturers are always looking to… Keep reading →

Join Us For Brompton Demo Month

We’re excited to announce the first ever Brompton Demo Month. This September, demo a Brompton bike at our bike shop to be in with a chance of winning your own custom built Brompton. Go instore to try out a wide range of bike options including different handlebars, gearing, colours and accessories to ensure you choose the… Keep reading →

Sunburn Be Gone: How To Protect Your Skin During Summer Rides

Cycling during the Summer sometimes seems like more of a chore than a leisure activity. Here in Arizona with temperatures stretching into the 120’s on some days, riding our bikes is especially daunting. Along with staying super hydrated, and choosing to ride in the early morning/late night, another big concern is protecting your skin from… Keep reading →

What Your Favorite Brompton Color Says About You

Everyone has a preferred favorite color. Even if you don’t know your favorite off the top of your head, there are probably certain colors that you are naturally drawn to. The psychology of color is a study in how the colors we prefer play a hand in our personalities and behavioral traits. These traits can… Keep reading →